Marietta Stalcup, founder of iEvolve, is available for speaking engagements and workshops. A popular and engaging presenter, Marietta has been the featured keynote and workshop host at events around the world, including Business Professional Exchange, Indiana University, Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation, Indiana Business Analysts, Healthcare Business Women’s Association and Roche Diagnostics events. Each talk is tailored to the expected audience and is crafted to ensure each attendee leaves glad they came.

Marietta is an expert in helping individuals discover their perfect careers, as well as team development.

• Employee development and retention
• Not-for-profit and association workshops
• Inspirational keynotes
• Career development

Why Marietta?

20 years of experience guiding career development for professionals both at Eli Lilly and individuals undertaking career transitions.

Runs the Butler MBA program, working with professionals, employers, and recruiters to design fulfilling careers from all viewpoints.

Experienced at transitioning careers – she did it 5 times for herself!

Engaging speaker, where audiences enjoy themselves and get a lot out of the experience.

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